Custom-Color RTT From James Baroud

James Baroud Roof Top Tent

James Baroud, a leading rooftop tent manufacturer, now offers over 250 different colors for its hardshell tents !

You can now order any of James Baroud’s five hardshell RTT models in just about any color you want. The brand offers any RAL color code — over 250 options to choose from. Every James Baroud dealer will have a fan deck of RAL colors for customers to use for physical color reference.

James Baroud RTT offers any RAL color code — over 250 options to choose from.

While you might be able to find a traditional white, gray, or black James Baroud RTT in a dealer showroom, custom colors will need to be special-ordered. There is a 60-day lead time on orders for custom-color tents.

The price ?

A custom-color James Baroud hardshell RTT will cost you $550 over a standard white tent, which ranges from $3,339 to $4,499.

Is it worth it ?

You could probably paint or vinyl-wrap a hardshell RTT for fewer dollars, but not much fewer. Both of those options would also not hold up nearly as well to the elements as the colored gel coat option from the factory.

But with James Baroud you’re paying for quality in this case. Adding $550 for a cool color to match your ride or personality is not a cheap vanity proposition. It is pretty awesome, though, and for sure will be a personal choice if the value is there.

So if you’re looking for a standout tent for your adventuremobile build, you’ve got a new option.

Not willing to pay extra ? Want to keep it simple ?