Tepui LoPro 2 Tent: 2-Person 3-Season Review

Tepui LoPro 2 Tent: 2-Person 3-Season
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For spring 2019, Tepui releases "the Low-Pro", - the lightest, lowest-profile rooftop tent from the brand yet. It's called "LoPro" because it's only 7 inches tall on the roof of your car !

If you've been looking for a rooftop tent for some time, but have long shied away from their size and weight, now your search is finally over.

The Low-Pro is so low-profile, Tepui claims its the lowest-profile folding rooftop tent on the market !

In short, the Low-Pro is an affordable and aerodynamic folding tent that offers a luxurious night’s rest in the outdoors. Not to mention the tent is beautiful! This folding tent is the perfect addition to adventuremobile glam shots.

The LoPro 2 comes equipped with everything you need to enjoy fresh mountain air from the convenience of your remote, forested parking spot. The breathable ripstop canopy is UV and mildew resistant, and keeps you and yours comfortable on warm summer nights. No-see-um mesh at the windows and doors lets in the fragrant smell of pines as well as the view, and if it storms, you can hang out beneath the waterproof rainfly while you play cards or tell ghost stories. Once you're ready to settle down for the night, you'll have no trouble drifting off to sleep on the 2in foam mattress that comes with your LoPro.
  • The lightest, lowest profile car-top tent Tepui has to offer
  • 2-person capacity ideal for you and your favorite companion
  • Curved canopy top offers spacious A-frame-style comfort
  • Durable materials guarantee protection against stormy weather
  • 8ft 6in telescoping ladder provides easy access to your abode
  • Tepui Tec composite base is durable and 100% recyclable
  • Included foam mattress ensures a comfortable night's rest
  • ZipperGimp assembly lets you choose from assorted canopies
The Low-Pro shaved 10 pounds from its Tepui cousin, the Kukenam, for a total weight of 120 pounds !

The mattress in the Low-Pro is a 2-inch, 40-denier, hard-density foam. It’s not as plush as other, thicker memory foam pads, but it certainly provided a comfortable night’s sleep. And because the mattress in the Low-Pro spans the entire base of the tent, it made the inside feel roomier. Roll around to your heart’s content.

Inside are numerous vents that can zip up to weather storms or fold up to let the breeze flow. There were plenty of pockets for gear and lots of spots to lash things to the ceiling.

At $1,400, the Low-Pro is cheaper than many rooftop tents. While not the cheapest on the market, it’s a very well-designed rooftop tent that you will undeniably take pictures of whenever you get a chance. And it costs a lot less than many other models from both Tepui and competing brands.