Peer-To-Peer RV Sharing Is Becoming More Popular

Peer-To-Peer RV Sharing Is Becoming More Popular

Recently, RVshare, one of the top peer-to-peer RV rental companies, reported a major milestone, - its 1-millionth day of rentals !

“The month of June was our biggest ever. We’ve seen an unprecedented number of site visits and bookings, and that momentum is projected to continue throughout the year. We are seeing a resurgence in RV travel because it offers a great deal of flexibility in planning your vacation, particularly for groups and families. With this peer-to-peer model, RV travel is more accessible and affordable than ever before,” said Jon Gray, CEO of RVshare

The RV lifestyle is reaching new demographics and continually growing. And peer-to-peer RV rental companies, such as RVshare, make experiencing the RV life that much easier.

Whether you want to experience the RV lifestyle a few times a year without the hassle and costs of RV ownership, or are an RV owner that hates seeing your RV sit idle much of the year, peer-to-peer RV rental websites and apps are a great answer.

Besides RVshare, there are also many other RV rental options out there. There are traditional RV rentals from places like Cruise America, and there are other peer-to-peer options like Outdoorsy and even Turo.

Turo, the car-sharing app known for unique and high-end vehicles, has started to tap into this growing marketplace. Recently, the platform started renting out Jimmy Chin’s adventure van.

According to a number of industry reports, surveys, and company data findings, RV travel is on the rise. RVshare is having a record-breaking summer and expects to continue to break records throughout the rest of the year.

Vehicle-based camping is hot on all fronts right now. Whether you call it car camping, van life, RV life, or overlanding is up to you. There’s just no denying that getting out for a vehicle-based adventure where you have all the comforts and outdoor gear you’d have at home is an appealing prospect to a wide and diverse audience.

But whether you own an RV/van/SUV or don't, these peer-to-peer RV sharing sites can help you make money to support your adventurous lifestyle !

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