Make Money Promoting Rooftop Tents Through Amazon Affiliate/Influencer Marketing

Make Money Promoting Rooftop Tents Through Amazon Affiliate/Influencer Marketing

Love your rooftop tent ? Love sharing your epic outdoor/overland adventures on social media ?

Why not make some extra 💰💰💰 to support your adventurous lifestyle ?!

Nowadays there are many popular rooftop tent brands ( like Yakima, Thule, Smittybuilt... just to name a few ) that sell on Amazon !!

And, in case you didn't know, YOU can make money promoting those rooftop tents through Amazon affiliate or their influencer marketing !

To participate in Amazon affiliate marketing you'll need a website or a blog ( like this one 😉 ), and if you want to get your own Amazon influencer store ( like this one ), you'll need at least one qualifying social media channel ( preferably Instagram, Facebook page or a group, or a YouTube channel ).

I really hope that by now, you know that affiliate/influencer marketing is NOT A SCAM, and probably the BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE ( especially for beginners ! )

It's especially true for Amazon affiliate/influencer marketing !

Personally, I've been making money with Amazon affiliate marketing since 2002, and I got involved in Amazon influencer program in 2018... 

The basic idea behind (Amazon) affiliate marketing is super simple : you recommend their products ( that YOU PERSONALLY !! ) have tried and found useful/helpful to others, and when people click on your (Amazon) affiliate link(s), and buy ANYTHING ( even something that you didn't recommend/promote !! ), you get pay 1% - 10% affiliate commission !!

Even though in 2020 Amazon drastically cut affiliate commision for many of its categories, even making (on average) 3% commission for outdoor/automobile products is pretty good ( considering an average rooftop tent price is around $1000, making ~$30 per sale by just telling others about products that you like, is not that bad !!

To learn more about promoting rooftop tents through Amazon affiliate/influencer marketing, please watch the full video below :

More than that !!

Not many people know but one can YOU can make the same affiliate commission by simply shopping on Amazon !

If you want to know how, feel free to check out our main website ExtraHyperActive Network

And if 3% commission is not enough, you can partner with brands like RoofNest and iKamper to promote their products, and make 5% - 10% !

As I said in my video, affiliate marketing is NOT the only way to make money with rooftop tents, but, in my humble opinion, it's still the BEST !

With affiliate marketing you don't need business license, inventory, shop, or even buy the products that you promote !

And if you're  full time traveller, a road warrior, a digital nomad, or even a car dweller (!), affiliate marketing is a great way to support your lifestyle !

All you'll need is a phone/laptop and internet connection !!

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