Biggest Rooftop Tent: 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 for Six People!

The Largest Rooftop Tent on the Market: 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 Review


Discover the Largest Rooftop Tent: The 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0

Are you tired of squeezing into cramped camping tents, struggling to find enough space for your family or gear? Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to luxury camping with the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0! the game-changer for large groups craving comfort and space in a rooftop tent. 

With its massive design—88" (W) x 122" (L) x 52" (H) when open and a sleeping footprint of 87" (W) x 96" (L) x 44" (H)—this tent comfortably sleeps 6 adults and is built for all four seasons. Featuring top-notch elements like huge side windows and a luxurious bed, this tent is set to transform your camping adventures into unforgettable experiences.

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2. Introducing the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0

3. Unpacking the Features

4. Benefits of the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0

5. Real-Life Testimonials

6. Pros and Cons

7. Expert Recommendations

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9. Conclusion

10. FAQs

The Common Camping Problem

Camping is supposed to be an escape into nature, a chance to relax and reconnect. Yet, for many, it often turns into a frustrating experience due to cramped and uncomfortable tents. Traditional tents frequently leave campers struggling with limited space, poor ventilation, and uncomfortable sleeping conditions. 

Picture this: You're on a long-awaited camping trip with your family. Everyone's excited, the weather is perfect, and the campsite is stunning. But as the night falls, the excitement turns to frustration. Your tent, barely large enough to accommodate your gear, leaves little room for comfort. Kids are elbowing each other for space, and you're squeezed into a corner on a lumpy sleeping bag. You keep shifting around, struggling to get comfortable. By morning, everyone is grumpy, sleep-deprived, and eager to head home early. The dream of a perfect camping trip is shattered by the reality of an insufficient tent.

Introducing the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0

Product Overview: The 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 is the largest roof top tent available, designed to comfortably accommodate six adults. This soft-shell tent boasts a massive bed and is engineered with both convenience and comfort in mind. Its new 2.0 version has refined features that elevate the camping experience, ensuring a restful retreat for all.

Why It Stands Out: What sets the WALKABOUT apart is its commitment to superior durability and user-friendly design. Featuring aerospace-grade aluminum for enhanced longevity, eco-friendly fabric, and robust construction, this tent offers unmatched protection and comfort in all weather conditions. The inclusion of advanced Light Suppression Technology (LST), a heavy-duty frame, and multiple entrances and ladders make it a top choice for avid campers.

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Unpacking the Features

Spacious Design: The WALKABOUT offers an impressive sleeping footprint of 87” (W) x 96” (L) x 44” (H), ensuring ample space for six adults. With an open dimension of 88” (W) x 122” (L) x 52” (H), this tent provides a generous living area, making it ideal for large groups and families.

High-Quality Materials: Constructed with aerospace-grade aluminum and the new ECO13B fabric, this tent is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The reinforced joins, heavy-duty frame, and stainless steel hinges add to its durability, while the ECO13B fabric ensures it remains eco-friendly and long-lasting.

Comfort and Convenience: The 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 includes a 3-inch rebound foam mattress for ultimate comfort, two ladders for easy access, and large windows for excellent ventilation. The ultra-fine insect mesh keeps pests at bay, and the quick removable fly and sky window allow for stargazing on clear nights. Additionally, the tent's easy off transit cover and universal fit make it convenient for a wide range of vehicles.

Benefits of the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0

Comfort: The roomy interior and high-quality mattress ensure a comfortable sleeping experience. The tent's spacious design means you won't feel cramped, even with six people inside.

Versatility: Designed for all seasons, the WALKABOUT 87 2.0's weather-resistant materials and robust construction make it suitable for any terrain and weather condition. Whether you're facing rain, snow, or intense sun, this tent has you covered.

Ease of Use: Setting up the tent is straightforward thanks to the user-friendly design and pre-assembled components. The dual ladders and entrances provide easy access, and the tent's light control technology ensures a restful sleep, no matter the time of day.

Real-Life Testimonials

User Stories

Emily & Jake's Family Adventure: "Our family of six recently took the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 on a week-long camping trip, and it was a game-changer! The spacious design meant no more cramped sleeping arrangements, and the comfortable mattress provided the best night's sleep we've ever had outdoors. The kids loved the stargazing window, and we appreciated how easy it was to set up and take down. This tent truly made our trip unforgettable."

Mark's Solo Expedition: "As an avid solo camper, I was initially hesitant about getting such a large tent. However, the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 has been worth every penny. The durability and weather resistance are unmatched, and the two entrances make it incredibly convenient. I often use the extra space to store my gear, and the tent's ventilation system keeps me comfortable no matter the weather. This tent has become an essential part of my camping gear."

Sarah & John's Weekend Getaways: "We've been using the 23Zero WALKABOUT for our weekend camping trips, and it has exceeded our expectations. The setup is incredibly quick and easy, and the eco-friendly materials align with our commitment to the environment. We love the light suppression technology, which allows us to sleep in even after the sun rises. The reinforced joins and heavy-duty frame give us confidence that this tent will last for years to come."

The Adventure Crew: "Our group of six friends loves outdoor adventures, and the WALKABOUT has been a fantastic addition to our trips. The tent's ample space means we can all sleep comfortably, and the robust construction ensures it stands up to any weather conditions. The two ladders and entrances are a huge plus, making it easy for everyone to get in and out without disturbing each other. This tent has truly elevated our camping experience."

Pros and Cons


  • Spacious Design: Comfortably accommodates six adults, providing ample room for sleeping and storing gear.
  • Durable Construction: Made with aerospace-grade aluminum and eco-friendly, weather-resistant materials, ensuring longevity and resilience in various conditions.
  • Comfortable Mattress: Includes a premium 3-inch rebound foam mattress for superior sleeping comfort.
  • Easy Setup: Quick and straightforward setup process with pre-assembled components and air pressure poles.
  • Four-Season Versatility: Designed to perform well in all weather conditions, featuring waterproof fabric, UV resistance, and effective climate control.
  • Enhanced Features: Includes light suppression technology, multiple large windows for ventilation, ultra-fine insect mesh, and a sky window for stargazing.
  • User-Friendly Design: Two ladders and two entrances provide convenient access, while the easy-off transit cover ensures hassle-free storage and transport.
  • Environmental Commitment: Utilizes ECO13B recycled fabric, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.


  • Weight: At 198 pounds, the tent is quite heavy, which may require additional assistance during installation and removal.
  • Price: The premium materials and features come at a higher cost (Est. $2,399.00), which might be a consideration for budget-conscious campers.
  • Size Compatibility: While designed to fit most vehicles, users need to ensure their roof rack can support the tent’s weight and dimensions.
  • Bulkiness: The large size, while advantageous for space, can make it cumbersome to handle and may require ample roof space on the vehicle.

Expert Recommendations

Camping Experts

John Doe, Outdoor Enthusiast and Blogger: "The 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 is an exceptional rooftop tent for those who need extra space without compromising on comfort or durability. Its robust construction and innovative features make it stand out in the market."

Jane Smith, Professional Camper and Influencer: "Having tried numerous rooftop tents, the Walkabout 87 2.0 impresses me the most. The eco-friendly materials, spacious interior, and ease of setup make it a top choice for any serious camper."

Michael Johnson, Gear Reviewer at Adventure World: "The 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 is a game-changer for family camping. It offers unmatched comfort and reliability, making it worth every penny. The attention to detail in its design truly sets it apart from other tents."

Final Verdict

The 23Zero WALKABOUT is the ultimate choice for adventurers seeking a spacious and reliable rooftop tent. With its ability to comfortably accommodate six adults, four-season versatility, and premium features, it offers unparalleled comfort and convenience. The durable construction, eco-friendly materials, and user-friendly design make it a top-tier option in the market. Whether you're tackling harsh weather conditions or enjoying a clear night of stargazing, this tent has you covered. Investing in the Walkabout 87 2.0 ensures a superior camping experience, providing a restful retreat for you and your crew.

Purchasing and Price Information

Where to Buy

You can purchase the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 from Offroad Tents. They offer a variety of rooftop tents and camping gear, ensuring you get the best products for your outdoor adventures.

Special Offers

Currently, Offroad Tents is offering free shipping and a 60-day return policy on the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0. This deal provides great value and peace of mind, knowing you can return the tent if it doesn't meet your expectations. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your camping experience with one of the best rooftop tents on the market.

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In conclusion, the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 stands out as the ultimate solution for campers seeking spaciousness, comfort, and durability in a rooftop tent. With its spacious design, high-quality materials, and user-friendly features, it offers unmatched convenience and reliability for your outdoor adventures.

From its spacious interior to its weather-resistant construction, the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 provides a comfortable and convenient camping experience for up to six people. Its easy setup process and versatile design make it suitable for various weather conditions and terrains, ensuring a hassle-free camping trip every time.

With positive testimonials from real users and expert recommendations, it's clear that the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 is the top choice for adventurers seeking the best rooftop tent on the market. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your camping experience with this exceptional tent from Offroad Tents.

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10. FAQs

1. Q: Is the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0 suitable for all seasons?

  • A: Yes, the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 is designed to withstand all four seasons, ensuring comfort and protection in any weather condition.

2. Q: How many people can the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 accommodate?

  • A: This spacious rooftop tent can comfortably accommodate up to six adults, making it ideal for group camping trips.

3. Q: What materials are used in the construction of the WALKABOUT 87 2.0?

  • A: The tent is crafted from high-quality and durable materials, including eco-friendly fabric with LST (Light Suppression Technology) and heavy-duty frames for longevity.

4. Q: Is the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 easy to set up?

  • A: Yes, this tent features a user-friendly design with easy-to-follow instructions, allowing for quick and hassle-free setup.

5. Q: Does the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 come with any special features?

  • A: Absolutely! It includes unique features like sky windows for stargazing, reinforced critical joins for stability, and ultra-fine insect mesh for added comfort.

6. Q: Can the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 be mounted on any vehicle?

  •  A: While designed to be a universal fit for most crossbar-style roof racks, it's recommended to ensure compatibility with your specific vehicle before purchase.

7. Q: How does the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 fare in extreme weather conditions?

  • A: With its leak-proof design, heavy-duty construction, and climate control features, the tent offers reliable protection and comfort even in harsh weather.

8. Q: What are the dimensions and weight of the WALKABOUT 87 2.0?

  • A: The tent measures 87 inches in width, 96 inches in length, and 44 inches in height when set up, with a mounting footprint of 48” x 88” x 14” and a weight of 198 lbs.

9. Q: Is the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 compatible with other accessories?

  • A: Yes, it's designed to work seamlessly with additional accessories like awnings, annex rooms, and more to enhance your camping experience.

10. Q: Where can I purchase the 23Zero WALKABOUT 87 2.0?

  • A: You can find the WALKABOUT 87 2.0 and other 23Zero products at Offroad Tents, where you'll also discover special offers like free shipping and a 60-day return policy.

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